Worship Circle

Our next Worship Circle will be Friday, May 8. In March and April, on our regular Worship Circle nights, we will have extended worship and prayer times as we observe Lent.

The second Friday of each month is our Worship Circle! On our worship circle nights, if you play an instrument (beginner, pro, or anywhere in between) bring it with you to Tidewind and play along! Guitar, djembe, bongos, violin, bassoon … if you can play it, bring it.  If you don’t play an instrument … please still come and worship with us!

What to bring:
Required: yourself


  • a musical instrument
  • music stand if you need one
  • a wifi-enabled device to view music OR printed chord charts (let us know you’re coming – questions@tidewind.org – and we’ll send you the link to download the songs) OR a good ear that can follow along without the music 🙂

See our Calendar page for Worship Circle dates.