About Tidewind

Most of us as Christians recognize that our highest priority is our relationship with God. Sometimes, though, growing in a real relationship with God can seem elusive. Whether you are new to faith or you have been a Christian for a long time, you may have at some point asked yourself questions like these:

  • How do I spend time with a God that I can’t see? What can I actually do to connect with God?
  • How can I grow in my knowledge of the Bible when there are so many books to choose from?
  • How can I connect with God when I’m assaulted by doubts about His very existence?

Tidewind’s mission is to fortify the body of Christ by helping people draw near to Jesus and confidently face obstacles to faith. We offer resources and opportunities in three primary areas:

  • Connecting with God (extended times of worship and prayer, mobile Prayer Garden, monthly online “Pitch-Ins“, etc.)
  • Bible Teaching (periodic online studies)
  • Apologetics – helping understand the reasons why we believe (online and in-person studies, one day Fortify conference)

We get to know God better as we spend time with Him, study His word, and learn how to answer objections to faith from an increasingly skeptical world. Scroll through the images on our home page for current opportunities, or check out our calendar to see what events are coming up!

How did you choose your name?

Ephesians 5:18 tells us that we should be “filled with the Spirit”. But unlike the filling of a glass with water, the word “filled” in the original Greek (“pleroo”) was often used as a nautical term. A sail is “filled” with wind when it is in a position to receive the power and direction of the wind. Similarly, we can be filled with God’s Spirit when we place ourselves in a position to receive His direction and power. We chose our name – “Tidewind” – to remind us of this incredible truth.