Pitch-In (Virtual)

Tidewind Pitch-In
2nd Friday of each month
7:15 PM EST

It’s time for a pitch-in! Join us for an evening to encourage one another in our walks with Christ. Similar to an open mic night, we’re inviting you to share a song, poem, or brief devotional (about 5 minutes) and join us on Zoom. The beauty of a pitch-in is that everyone contributes and we all get to enjoy one another’s “recipes”! Here’s what you need to know:

1) REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!  To help keep our Zoom meeting secure, we are asking everyone to pre-register for the event. (Registration is quick and free!) Once you register you will receive the meeting ID and password.

Click here to register for the May 13 event

2) Choose something Christ-centered to share and indicate on your registration what you will bring (song, poem, short devotional, etc.)  so we can create an order for the evening. If all the available slots are filled we will remove the option to choose what you are bringing; however, you will still be welcome to come and listen!

3) If you will be performing music, you will need to change your sound settings on Zoom. Zoom sound is optimized for speaking but not for music. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Change Zoom computer settings for music:
Open your Zoom app and click on the settings icon (upper right of window)
Click “Audio” on the left
In the “Music and Professional Audio” section, click “Show in-meeting option to ‘Enable Original Sound’ from microphone”
(Now when you are in a meeting you will have the option to turn “Original Sound” on and off. You want it on when you are sharing music and off when you are just speaking.)
Click “High Fidelity music mode”
If you have the ability and bandwidth to transmit stereo sound, click “stereo audio”

Change Zoom phone settings for music:
Open your Zoom app and click on the settings icon (on bottom right)
Click on “Meetings”
Scroll down to “Use Original Sound” and turn on