What to Expect

What is it like coming to an in-person Tidewind worship and prayer time?

Walking into a stranger’s home or an unfamiliar fellowship can be intimidating. We want you to feel comfortable joining us. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Come on in! Whether we are meeting in a home, a church, or a restaurant, you are welcome to come inside without knocking. (Just double-check the address first to avoid an embarrassing situation!) For our Thursday morning worship at the Pfister home, you will come inside and go downstairs to the basement.
  2. Come and go as you please. Some people stay with us for the whole worship and prayer time; others will pop in as they are able and leave in the middle. It is never a problem to leave part way through. We are happy to have you join us for whatever time you are available.
  3. Worship. We typically start with a time of worship through music that lasts for about an hour to an hour and a quarter. Music is not the only way to worship God; it is one way to do so that we often use at Tidewind. You are welcome to sing along if you like – we make a song sheet available online. You can also read your Bible, journal, pray (and any combination of those), and just enjoy time with Jesus where distractions are minimized.
  4. Prayer. Following worship we will often take a short break and then gather to pray. If there are more than a few of us present we will usually split into groups, share prayer requests, and pray for each other. Whether you have come to Tidewind before or this is your first time you are welcome to join us. On some occasions we will have a special themed prayer time and we may structure our prayer time differently for the day.