Is the Bible Reliable?

Can we really trust the Bible? In this 8 week apologetics series, we’ll discuss the following questions (and more!)

  • What does the Bible say about itself? How did Jesus view the Bible?
  • How can we trust that what was written down thousands of years ago is the same text that appears in our Bibles today?
  • How were the books of the Bible chosen?
  • With so many different translations available with different wording, how can we trust any of them?
  • Is the resurrection of Jesus just a myth borrowed from other pagan religions?
  • What do I do with perceived errors and contradictions in the Bible?
  • Is there any archaeological evidence to confirm events that are described in the Bible?
  • Is the Bible really the word of God?

John Pescio and Dan Kiel will lead this study over Zoom Tuesday mornings from 6:30 to 7:45 Eastern time March 28 to May 16. There is no cost to participate. If you would like to register for the series or if you have any questions, please contact us at Hope to see you there!

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