Christmas Pitch-in and Blessing Bags

Thursday, December 6, we will have a Christmas Lunch Pitch-In. Following worship (around 11:00 am) we will have time to fellowship together. This will take place at our regular Thursday morning location, the home of Jeff and Beth Pfister: 12722 Mustard Seed Court, Fishers. Bring a food item to share and let’s celebrate the holiday together!

Blessing Bags: Ever wish you had something to offer when someone is standing on the street asking for money? At our lunch next week we will assemble some “blessing bags” - simple Ziplock bags with a few give-away items. At minimum we can include a couple of granola bars and a copy of “Father’s Love Letter”. But if you will bring some items to contribute we can also include a number of other supplies. (See ideas below.) We’d like to assemble 40 bags; everyone who wishes is welcome to take a few bags with you to use. If we find that they are well-received and people want to contribute more we can assemble another batch of them later in the season.

Here are some ideas of what to contribute:

mouth wash/toothpaste/toothbrushes
hand warmers
lip balm
cash or gift cards
travel sized Kleenex

NOTE ON DONATIONS: Bring what the Lord puts on your heart to bring. Maybe you can bring 40 of one item and we will have one for each bag - that’s great! Or maybe you want to bring socks or gift cards but can’t afford to contribute 30 of them - just bring what you can. We’ll divide up what we get and assemble the bags accordingly.

If you have any questions please feel email us at Thanks!